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You sweat, slave and sacrifice for the body image that you have achieved. Why not flaunt that fab physique with a fitness photo shoot? I have photographed some of the most amazing people… Personal trainers, runners who train for the BQ title, first time national physique competitors, and some just because they love being in shape. It reminds each of them of their personal goals and the gratifying accomplishments they’ve achieved. It’s not an easy road to travel, I know. I’ve accomplished my own set of physically challenging roles, marathons and even an ultra marathon. And having a professional photo to hang on my wall instills an emotion that provokes me to keep going. I want the same thing for you. I approach each of my photo shoots as if I’m the one being photographed. I want you to get the same proud, accomplished feeling I get when I see my photos.

Busting Ass for Bucket List

Self described as fierce and fiery, I quickly agree after having spent too little time with Misti. She and her friend Jen agreed to do a national physique competition together. The drive being to get on a structured program. Different than her normal CrossFit workouts, which she LOVES, this was a completely different mindset. One…

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Las Vegas Fitness Portrait Photography

Mother of 3 Beats Cancer Through Fitness

This woman is stunning, to say the least. Mother of 3 girls. Cancer survivor. Wife of 11 years. Passion for faith in God. When I asked her the one word she’d use to describe herself, she said, “Believer.” After Jen’s cancer treatment, she learned how certain foods feed cancer cells. Determined not to feed those…

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Starting a Photography Business

You don’t know what you don’t know. When I first started (and still am in the infancy of my photography business), I had no clue how to start or where to go or what to do. I started networking with other photographers and groups and going to conferences and watching webinars.  In person networking events and…

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