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You sweat, slave and sacrifice for the body image that you have achieved. Why not flaunt that fab physique with a fitness photo shoot? I have photographed some of the most amazing people… Personal trainers, runners who train for the BQ title, first time national physique competitors, and some just because they love being in shape. It reminds each of them of their personal goals and the gratifying accomplishments they’ve achieved. It’s not an easy road to travel, I know. I’ve accomplished my own set of physically challenging roles, marathons and even an ultra marathon. And having a professional photo to hang on my wall instills an emotion that provokes me to keep going. I want the same thing for you. I approach each of my photo shoots as if I’m the one being photographed. I want you to get the same proud, accomplished feeling I get when I see my photos.

Las Vegas Fitness Photography

Sin City Beer Runners

Every Wednesday, following a long work day, a group of runners get together at Bruce Trent Park in Las Vegas, NV. They share stories about last weekend’s brutal but rewarding races, injury reports and express how much they’re looking forward to the next race on their calendar.   The group organizer, Rob Garrett, thanks everyone…

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Noel posing for a personal trainer fitness photography shoot near a wall in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Personal Trainer Photo Shoot in Las Vegas Arts District

As a professional photographer in Las Vegas, I specialize in fitness portrait photography. I also have a blast doing promotional and commercial photography as it lets me get even more creative with composition and story telling. My recent promotional photography work was for one of my friends, Noel. He is going in to personal training…

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13 Stunning Solar Eclipse Photographs of 2017

13 Stunning Solar Eclipse Photos of 2017

Scrolling through my Instagram today, I saw so many stunning photographs from today’s solar eclipse. Here are 13 of my faves. The only shot I got from todays eclipse.. I know… I know everyone is posting these pictures. But the feeling of sitting on top of a mountain, laying on rocks and pine needles, all…

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