Jen Viseur | Las Vegas Professional Photographer
Ryder Newman - Real MMA Welterweight Champion
Personal Trainer Noel Mlynsky | Las Vegas Professional Photographer


You sweat, slave and sacrifice for the body image that you have achieved. Why not flaunt that fab physique with a fitness photo shoot? I have photographed some of the most amazing people… Personal trainers, runners who train for the BQ title, first time national physique competitors, and some just because they love being in shape. It reminds each of them of their personal goals and the gratifying accomplishments they’ve achieved. It’s not an easy road to travel, I know. I’ve accomplished my own set of physically challenging roles, marathons and even an ultra marathon. And having a professional photo to hang on my wall instills an emotion that provokes me to keep going. I want the same thing for you. I approach each of my photo shoots as if I’m the one being photographed. I want you to get the same proud, accomplished feeling I get when I see my photos.

Barb & Jenn at the Start of Portland Distillery Tour In Portland, Oregon

Would you like vodka, vodka, or vodka?

I’m pretty sure if I had a better memory, this could be a much more entertaining article.   That aside, here’s where this story begins…   I planned a trip to Portland, Oregon to see one of my dearest friends over the weekend of March 9… her birthday. Her name is Jennifer Weed. We’ve known…

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What Kind Of Camera Should I Buy

What Camera Should I Buy?

Folks ask me, “What camera should I buy?” My gut response is not a shitty one. LOL In reality, there are many factors that go into choosing a camera for the first time. Or every time really. What will I be taking photos of? Will I be traveling with it frequently? Will I want to…

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Motivational phone background with weights.

Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses

This quote hits me as I have glimmers of thought about what I’ll be doing after my race. After every race, I go on a bender for about two months. Eat whatever, drink, don’t workout… thus not fitting into these white pants I have. I don’t have a scale. The white pants are my indicator.…

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