Ryder Newman, Real MMA Welterweight Champion
Ryder Newman, Real MMA Welterweight Champion


I choose to specialize in the fitness industry because I am driven about it myself with my own fitness goals which gives me a better understanding of your goals and needs as a photographer. Whether it's winning a national physique competition or losing 20 pounds to feel better, I understand to each individual the goals are equally important and should be recognized on the same level of achievement.

I will work as hard as you do in training, to get the photos you deserve. I want you to get the same proud, accomplished feeling I get when I see my photos. Your fitness photo session is personalized to capture your strength, your energy and your passion.

Dr Fitness in Las Vegas at the Lift Factory on Cheyenne and 95.
Devan Reaves, Personal Trainer
Jen Viseur | Las Vegas Professional Photographer
Jen Viseur, Bodybuilder
Augusto Rodriquez, Model
Augusto Rodriquez, Model

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