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You sweat, slave and sacrifice for the body image that you have achieved. Why not flaunt that fab physique with a fitness photo shoot? I have photographed some of the most amazing people… Personal trainers, runners who train for the BQ title, first time national physique competitors, and some just because they love being in shape. It reminds each of them of their personal goals and the gratifying accomplishments they’ve achieved. It’s not an easy road to travel, I know. I’ve accomplished my own set of physically challenging roles, marathons and even an ultra marathon. And having a professional photo to hang on my wall instills an emotion that provokes me to keep going. I want the same thing for you. I approach each of my photo shoots as if I’m the one being photographed. I want you to get the same proud, accomplished feeling I get when I see my photos.

America Model Championships

Thou Shalt Not Judge… Unless You’re Asked To

About a week before the Fitness America Weekend 2017 by Fitness Universe, I was asked if I’d be interested in being a judge. I had never been a judge before. As it turns out, for this particular part of the competition, it’s not required that you are a personal trainer or a prior contestant type. This…

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Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Las Vegas Fitness Competition Post Show Session with Jen Viseur

Jen Viseur is on fire! Her third competition, her third time placing. Jen competed in the 2017 Steve Karr Classic Las Vegas. She took home a 1st in Open and a 3rd in Masters. I follow her IG feed and am in awe at the effort she puts in to enhance her physique. I mean…

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Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Violin in the Desert • Hope Nelson

I first met Hope at a running race I was photographing. She stopped to talk to me about photography as she’s a photographer too! At the time I met her, she was living in California. Since then, she’s moved to Lexington. She recently came in to Las Vegas for the Adobe Max conference. She reached…

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