Noel posing for a personal trainer fitness photography shoot near a wall in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Personal Trainer Photo Shoot in Las Vegas Arts District

By Barb Davids | September 17, 2017

As a professional photographer in Las Vegas, I specialize in fitness portrait photography. I also have a blast doing promotional and commercial photography as it lets me get even more creative with composition and story telling. My recent promotional photography work was for one of…

13 Stunning Solar Eclipse Photographs of 2017

13 Stunning Solar Eclipse Photos of 2017

By Barb Davids | August 21, 2017

Scrolling through my Instagram today, I saw so many stunning photographs from today’s solar eclipse. Here are 13 of my faves. The only shot I got from todays eclipse.. I know… I know everyone is posting these pictures. But the feeling of sitting on top…

Las Vegas Professional Photographer IMG 7225

What does it take to qualify for the Boston Marathon?

By Barb Davids | August 16, 2017

The Boston Marathon is the mother of all road running races. Many runners strive to merely qualify for the race, with the added hopes that they’ll be accepted through a nail-biting lottery process to actually run the race. Let me give you a little back…

Busting Ass for Bucket List

By Barb Davids | May 31, 2017

Self described as fierce and fiery, I quickly agree after having spent too little time with Misti. She and her friend Jen agreed to do a national physique competition together. The drive being to get on a structured program. Different than her normal CrossFit workouts,…

Las Vegas Fitness Portrait Photography

Mother of 3 Beats Cancer Through Fitness

By Barb Davids | May 24, 2017

This woman is stunning, to say the least. Mother of 3 girls. Cancer survivor. Wife of 11 years. Passion for faith in God. When I asked her the one word she’d use to describe herself, she said, “Believer.” After Jen’s cancer treatment, she learned how…

Starting a Photography Business

By Barb Davids | March 20, 2017

You don’t know what you don’t know. When I first started (and still am in the infancy of my photography business), I had no clue how to start or where to go or what to do. I started networking with other photographers and groups and going…

Photography Workflow – Insights from Photographers

By Barb Davids | January 23, 2017

Las Vegas is one of the best cities for networking with other photographers. There are so many diverse interests and styles.  In 2015, some like-minded folks started a community of creative types. It’s call the Rising Tide Society. It’s a network of people from all types of creative…

Fitness Portrait Session with Augusto Rodriguez

By Barb Davids | July 29, 2016

I met Augusto Rodriguez a couple of years prior to this session at a shootout (multiple photographers, multiple models, so many people!). I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot him much at the time. We caught up a couple of days ago for a fitness…

5+ Favorite Photography Resources

By Barb Davids | July 24, 2016

I’m always looking for inspiration and stories that will fuel my motivation. Sometimes I sign up for website emails and then end up unsubscribing immediately. But these… these resources listed below, have managed to stay in my list. If they don’t offer email updates, I…

What's fun about running a race?

By Barb Davids | November 15, 2015

EVERYTHING! Adrenaline! Friends! Determination! Accomplishment! Goals! Fun! Energy! Outdoors! Nerves! The energy that radiates at races is inspiring. When I arrive at a race, there is so much anticipation. No, not for getting it over with (well sometimes it is)… anticipation for the finish line.  Crossing the finish line is…