5+ Favorite Photography Resources

I’m always looking for inspiration and stories that will fuel my motivation. Sometimes I sign up for website emails and then end up unsubscribing immediately. But these… these resources listed below, have managed to stay in my list. If they don’t offer email updates, I keep them bookmarked in my Evernote.

Online magazine type. Photography articles and resources by multiple contributers. Ability to upload own portfolio and join online communities.
Google Alerts
The mother of information curation. Get updates daily of the newest information on the most specific of subjects.
Tim Ferriss
I just love Tim Ferriss! His podcast is phenomenal! So much inspiration and perspective. While not about photography specifically, his blog and podcasts give inspiration on the creative and business side. And personal development as well.
Improve Photography
I learned about this group through my friend, Sandy Dorau. She’s recently become a contributor. They have multiple types of podcasts to suit your interests. And have different speakers sharing different perspectives.
Digital Photography School
Easy to browse website and nicely written articles on just about anything you’ve ever wanted know about photography.
Plethora of Photoshop tutorials.
DIY Photography
Educational posts and inspirational stories.
Chase Jarvis
I want to be the female version of this guy. LOL I love his work and his energy.

Share your favorite resources in the comments!


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