Busting Ass for Bucket List

Barb Davids Fitness Portrait Photography IMG 6771 Featured

Self described as fierce and fiery, I quickly agree after having spent too little time with Misti. She and her friend Jen agreed to do a national physique competition together. The drive being to get on a structured program. Different than her normal CrossFit workouts, which she LOVES, this was a completely different mindset. One that comes with no regrets.

“It takes a lot of dedication and drive to mold your body to reveal it’s absolute best.” – Misti

I think this photo sums up Misti the best for me… 

Las Vegas Fitness Portrait Photography

Her enthusiasm for working out is inspirational to say the least. She saves the photos from her photo shoot as a reminder to the dedication she put it and the pride she felt in accomplishing what she set out to do.

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