Fitness Portrait Session with Augusto Rodriguez

I met Augusto Rodriguez a couple of years prior to this session at a shootout (multiple photographers, multiple models, so many people!). I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot him much at the time. We caught up a couple of days ago for a fitness portrait session. Those abs! Who wouldn’t want a photo of those?  

The photo shoot took place in a downtown Las Vegas alley. My friend, and Director of Lighting for the shoot, Sandy Dorau, came along.
Sandy brought beer to the shoot… and I am the LAST person to discourage such a thing. LOL 😀 We started setting up about an hour before we scheduled Augusto to join us. With the easy set-up, we had time to have our beer and talk about the shots. 

I was afraid we’d get kicked out of the area. There are so many rules with photographers and Las Vegas. Sandy was like, eh. No. We did find out there is a safety concierge service, called Downtown Rangers. One of them, Johnny, was walking through the alley. Turns out they’ve been around for like 3-4 years, partly funded by the Downtown Project and partly by the city. If one feels concerned for the safety (who does when they are drinking beer though really?), you can call these guys up and they will walk you to your car. They offer other services too.

Back to the shoot… the technical set up was much easier than I anticipated. 2 off camera flashes, one bouncing off an umbrella, the other laying on the ground at an angle from behind. We shot just before sunset. Couple hours and couple wardrobe changes later, the shoot was done. It’s easy when you work with such fantastic people as Sandy and Augusto!


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