Fitness Portrait Session with Personal Trainer Jeremy Wallace

So I know Jeremy through my running coach, Melissa.  He is her fiancé. I first met them when I joined their Meetup run group, Las Vegas Runners.  You’ll hear lots of groups claim to be “all inclusive”… this group really is.  I didn’t feel intimidated and didn’t feel like I had to prove anything. These two are disgustingly nice. (I say this with love, Jeremy & Melissa!)

Jeremy’s run in the Boston marathon multiple times. His endurance level and speed amaze me. You can read all about his credentials and accolades on the Las Vegas Runners website. So I asked Jeremy about doing a photoshoot out on a trail. I wanted to get the Las Vegas skyline in the background, but I didn’t know of a location and am still generally scouting locations throughout the Valley. A friend of mine mentioned the trail that starts just outside the horseback riding stables in the Red Rock Canyon area.

We met up about an hour and half before sunset. It was a little windy. So when setting up a couple speedlites, we tried to weigh them down but one blew over and I broke an umbrella. Still usable thankfully. After a couple shots, we’d move up the trail and took more photos. At one point, the light only flashed on his face. I kept thinking, what the shit? I just had it before. Why won’t it work now. Ahhhh! Got it! Shutter speed was too fast. Rookie mistake. Makes sense since I’m a rookie. (I’ll admit… I still forget to remember to take the lens cap off and turn the camera on sometimes. And while sober!)

And that was the shoot. Pretty easy with a patient guy like Jeremy.


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