Hiking With Friends at Romero Pools

I like to take road trips. As frequently as I can. Many times, it’s easy to hop over to Southern California to get in some surf photography. It’s now become tradition to visit my friend Deb in Tucson, Arizona every March. Couple months prior, a mutual friend, Mike, asked if he could tag along. Mike lives in Minnesota. He flew out to hang with me a couple of days in Las Vegas, then we road tripped with my dog, Phoebe, over to Tucson.

Deb had asked if we wanted to do a smallish hike or a longer hike. I said that we would enjoy the longer one. Mike loves the outdoors, Deb hikes all the time, and I just go along with whatever adventure there is. Just give me a beer afterward and all is well in my world.

So it was Saturday morning, the 3 of us headed out for a 5 hour hike. We started at about 8ish, I think? Deb knew what time the masses would show and we were able to get there before that. Which is nice when you’re coming across a mountain with trails no wider than a person. Scary!

I brought my camera knowing I would not like something about my setup not having brought one on a hike before. I also knew I wasn’t going to bring everything; I allowed myself only one lens. Hung the camera off one of those BlackRapid should straps. It didn’t take even a minute into our walk for me to know that was not going to work for future hikes. Camera flailing all about. Not safe for me or the camera!

Deb told us about the Romero Pools where we were hiking to. People dive off the cliffs into the water. When we visited, there would be no cliff diving, by us or anyone. There was enough water to wade your feet in and that was it. We found a spot to sit and eat our snacks… for only a few minutes. Between the crowds coming and the sand spewing about, Deb decided we go find a secret spot she found before. This at a time when I was halfway through my apple. I thought, eh, I’ll just finish while I hike. Not only am I not quite coordinated enough for that but I was finding sand had hit my apple. So there I am eating a sandy apple (I was hungry and a little sand isn’t going to hurt anyone) and having a hard time balancing the camera, apple, and myself. Didn’t care. I was having a fabulous time!

We got to the hidden spot and wow! How peaceful and solitudinous! I could have hung out there all day! Mike went rock hunting and in the process lost his socks to the wind. Why he felt the need to step in the freezing cold water, I will never understand. Haa! Oh yeah, losing socks to the wind… he lost them to the little bit of water that was there. We managed to get them and he hiked back without socks on. 2 hours! Uff da!

A wonderfully exhausting hike with 2 wonderful friends. I’m looking forward to more.

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