Las Vegas Fitness Competition Post Show Session with Jen Viseur

Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Jen Viseur is on fire!

Her third competition, her third time placing. Jen competed in the 2017 Steve Karr Classic Las Vegas. She took home a 1st in Open and a 3rd in Masters. I follow her IG feed and am in awe at the effort she puts in to enhance her physique.
I mean come on! 3am?!? Really?



For this photo session, I was lucky to get assistance from fellow photographer, Trevor, of Trevor Rickson Photography. He has amazing skills and I appreciated his feedback during the session. The photos turned out amazing and I managed to capture a photo and throw in a little Photoshop to get a smokey, walk out, bad ass feel to the photo.


Las Vegas Fitness Competition Post Show Session


More from the session:

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