Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses

Make Yourself Stronger Barb Davids Photography Weights

This quote hits me as I have glimmers of thought about what I’ll be doing after my race. After every race, I go on a bender for about two months.

Eat whatever, drink, don’t workout… thus not fitting into these white pants I have. I don’t have a scale. The white pants are my indicator.

If I can’t button the white pants, it’s time to put on the running shoes and get back to business.

As I think back to every time when I start again, the excuses come very easy.

“I’m too tired.”
“I’ll run after work.”
“I can do it tomorrow.”
“What’s one more day. I’ll start tomorrow.”

Bullshit. All excuses. It’s incredibly tough to get back into the swing of things after hitting a goal, running that race, biking that distance, entering that competition.
But once I do get back into the swing of working out and running a normal schedule again, I find the excuses disappear.

I get stronger than my excuses.

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Here are three tips that have helped me…

1. Focus on Your Why

It’s true. Focusing on your why puts your mind in a different perspective. It releases serotonin which can help fight those crappy excuses.

2. Set a Morning Routine

This is said in a lot of lists. And now I know why.
I bought a wipeboard and every evening put the next morning’s schedule on it. There were 6-7 things each morning; even the task of getting ready and eating. I didn’t want to have to think about what to do next.

✓ Walk Pheebs (my Puggle)
✓ Run (or strength train)
✓ Get ready & eat
✓ Meditate
✓ Work on photography business

Now sure, the ‘Get ready & eat’ one seems a little silly, but it was about not choosing what to do next. Here it is a few months later and I don’t need the checklist. I just do all the things.

3. Find a Friend

Find a friend who will support your goal and who is doing the same thing. It doesn’t have to be the exact same thing, as long as it’s the same general area.

When I first started running, I was like, pssshhh, fuck that. I’m not running with anyone. I didn’t feel like I could keep up and felt very self-conscious about the dos and don’ts.

And now… LOL

Most of my long runs are done with friends. We start together, run our own paces, and end together and chat about how the run went.

I still like my alone runs, but appreciate my runs with friends.

Below are three versions of the quote that spurred this post, because I love it. Click them and then save the photo to your phone.

Motivational phone background in dark teal and dark orange.Motivational phone background in orange, Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses.Motivational phone background with weights.

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