Mulligans in Photography

Not usually does one get a chance to take a mulligan photography session.

Last week I had an unsuccessful photo session. Almost every picture was unusable. I was devastated and embarrassed.

I’m an outdoor lighting type of photographer. I got caught in a situation having to shoot girls running indoors and I wasn’t prepared for and didn’t have the right knowledge or gear to accommodate that. I am lucky that schedules shifted and I had a chance to go out and redo the session today.

The positive side is I learned how to better prepare for next time. And how to involve the girls in the process. They wanted to see their pictures almost immediately. Kind of tough to due with 10 girls and 3 inch screen.
Next season I will attempt to have the shots immediately load to my tablet so they can see them quickly. And those takeaways made me feel as happy as this girl from today’s session…

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