Personal Trainer Photo Shoot in Las Vegas Arts District

Noel posing for a personal trainer fitness photography shoot near a wall in the Las Vegas Arts District.

As a professional photographer in Las Vegas, I specialize in fitness portrait photography. I also have a blast doing promotional and commercial photography as it lets me get even more creative with composition and story telling.

My recent promotional photography work was for one of my friends, Noel. He is going in to personal training in the Las Vegas area and his mission will be making you look and feel the best you ever will. Those are my words… I don’t think he’s formed a formal mission at the time of this post, but this is what I imagine he’ll actually do for people. I know him from my run groups and he’s dedicated and understands the challenges we all face when trying to get right with the physical fitness goals.

Only I change my life. No one can change it for me. ~Carol Burnett

I organized the photo shoot to take place in the always exciting Las Vegas Arts District. It has amazing looking buildings, color and trees and it all sits just right with the sunset.

Noel and I talked prior about the goal of the photos to be used for his upcoming website. I focused on getting head shots and above the waist shots rather than action for this session.

Noel is not one for many smiles when in front of the camera.  I’m like, I need you to smile! He said, Give me something to smile about! And then I’d try a corny joke but I suck at joke telling so that was not helpful.  His wife and our friends that helped out at the shoot were able to get him to crack a smile occasionally.

Fun shoot, Noel!  And many good vibes headed your way for the personal trainer business!  Knowing you, it will be a huge success!



My fave photos from the shoot…

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