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Barb Davids Photography Business Workflow

Las Vegas is one of the best cities for networking with other photographers. There are so many diverse interests and styles.  In 2015, some like-minded folks started a community of creative types. It’s call the Rising Tide Society. It’s a network of people from all types of creative industries who get together monthly in their respective cities and talk about their businesses. Their philosophy is “Community Over Competition.”

So on a Tuesday every month, deemed Tuesdays Together, I get together with other Las Vegas photographers, wedding planners, stylists, web designers and marketers… and we network. We talk about whatever topic is given and share stories and ideas. New business deals come out of almost every meeting. This month it was about workflow and organization.

So many of the tools I use for workflow and organization in my photography business have come at the recommendation of my friend Jennifer, who runs Caffeinated Web Studio. She is… amazing! She has a knack for finding tools that help automate and streamline workflows.

A couple things I use at her recommendation is Dubsado* and Trello*. Dubsado is so amazingly simple. I started using it recently for a couple of fitness photo shoots I had. I was able to easily apply a contract for this particular type of shoot and email it off to the client.

So, I love, love, love Tim Ferriss. I listen to his podcast, The Tim Ferris Show. And I have all his books, 4-Hour Workweek*, The 4-Hour Body*, The 4-Hour Chef*, and his latest, Tools of Titans*. He’s all about streamlining workflows and making life easier/better. In one of his podcasts, he mentioned a tool called Evernote*. It is hands down my favorite tool.

Barb Davids Photography - Evernote Workflow Notebooks

My Evernote workbooks. Most for business, some personal, like places I want to visit or recipes (there aren’t many of those lol).

Here are some ways I use Evernote in my photography business:

  1. Saving photos that inspire me
  2. Links to websites of other photographers blogs and photo shoot tips.
  3. Poses
  4. Locations
  5. Photo challenge lists
  6. Business goals
  7. Shot list
  8. Lighting setups
  9. Personal photography project ideas

So, back to the Vegas networking event… I volunteered to take notes, channelling my inner Jennifer. Any time someone mentioned an application, I, of course, typed it in my Evernote.

Here’s the list of tools/apps that other people use that may help you in your photography business…

  • 17 Hats
  • Co.schedule
  • Everlance
  • Honeybook
  • Hootsuite
  • Meister Task
  • Mile IQ
  • Paypal
  • Quickbooks Online & Self Employed
  • Shootflow
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • WordPress
  • Zero

What does your photo shoot workflow look like? Any tools you recommend using?


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