Road Trip to La Jolla, CA

A couple of Saturdays ago, my friend Michelle, of Michelle Wilson Photography, and I took a road trip to La Jolla. This spot in particular is La Jolla Cove

It took me over a week to get through these photos as I was in the process of moving. As I was going through these, I thought back to the morning and realized how much fun it is be a part of a club. It’s how I met my friend, Michelle, in fact. Through the Photographers Adventure Club of Las Vegas. I suspect many of these folks were in clubs… notably by one of the statements I overheard… “You must be Steve.” They came together in packs; scuba divers, swimmers, tourists. 

I took a different technical approach this time, vowing to only shoot with my 50mm.  I love the feel it puts in my photos. Just a great lens. It was unfortunate it was so murky looking out. I took the time to post process each one of these to give it a certain feel that I like. More relaxed than just what I got out of the camera.

Each and every one of these folks were having a good time.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
– Andre Gide

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