Shooting In To The Sun

Today was a pleasant reminder to continue to try new things.

I’m new to the hiking thing. I was with another photographer, Paolo, through a Photographers Adventure Club event I set up. We set out to explore the #33 Hole trail at Lake Mead. When I got there, I randomly took a shot through some bushes facing the camera to the sun. The shots appeared to be what I was looking for in those photos.

Along came Paolo and we set off to the trail. But there really wasn’t a trail. There was somewhat to a fishing area but we couldn’t find the trail that we seen online or heard of. So we double backed and tried another area. Nope nothing there. Just cliffs.

I had heard of a trail called Ejection Seat Trail. We decided to drive off in that direction (or what I was told would be that direction) and if not found, just turn off on to whatever trail we found.

We came across the boat launch near Boulder Bay. Took a walk to the water, nothing much to speak of. Paolo mentioned climbing some stairs we saw. They looked pretty high up. I was nervous of the steepness, not having hiked much, no balance, not wearing hiking specific shoes. We went. Managed to find a way to get to them and got to the top. Turns out it was a sort of path that came off the original entrance we had parked in. I shot some landscape pics not really excited about what I saw in my camera.

In the end, I didn’t think I got many photos I would be excited about. Maybe those couple in the beginning. Then I transferred the photos to LR and I was pleasantly surprised at what I came out with! With a little tweaking in editing of course.

What I did learn from today is that even though I see a hiking path on the internet, it may not be clearly laid out. I need to do a bit more planning before setting up these photohikes. And of course, to keep trying something new. With this event, I found I like photographs that shoot in to the sun. Some abstract.

“In an increasingly competitive, cautious and accelerated world, those who are willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zone and into the discomfort of uncertainty will be those who will reap the biggest rewards,” Margie Warrell writes in Forbes.
From an article on the Huffington Post website.


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