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Every Wednesday, following a long work day, a group of runners get together at Bruce Trent Park in Las Vegas, NV. They share stories about last weekend’s brutal but rewarding races, injury reports and express how much they’re looking forward to the next race on their calendar.


The group organizer, Rob Garrett, thanks everyone for coming. Shares that we are here today “to bring beer and running together in the interest of science!”

These are the Sin City Beer Runners.


“Great friends, great camaraderie, and great conversations. It’s a fantastic Wednesday night activity. Rob is pretty awesome too.” ~Dave

Every week they run to a different bar. Point to point. Some run from the bar to the park and then back to the bar to get more miles in.


The science bit is referring to Dr. Manuel J Castillo-Garzon, Professor of Medical Physiology at the University of Granada in Spain. The professor conducted hydration research and found that beer has a similar rehydration effect as water. But here’s the kicker… only when consumed in moderation.

Sin City Beer Runners During a Toast After a Run

Sin City Beer Runners During a Toast After a Run at Aces & Ales on Tenaya


Here’s what some of the group’s members have to say…


“The various routes to the places to eat/drink that I otherwise wouldn’t frequent. Oh yeah and seeing friends. ” ~ Rick


“Since I’ve been reading Katherine Switzer (1st woman to officially run the Boston marathon) quotes lately, one comes to mind: “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon”. In other words, runners are generally a good group. Thus, SCBR’s is an opportunity to rub elbows & tip a glass with people that I feel pretty lucky to have met. That (& the beer) is why I like Wednesday nights with the SCBR’s.” ~Bob


“Fun times with fun people, social time with other runners, and Barb – I go for Barb [that’s me, the one who is writing this article… what’s funny is I go for Stephanie… & the beer, ok ok, maybe mostly the beer]. It used to be Hannah until she decided to move – just kidding! [We are going to miss Hannah a great deal!] And Rob’s pretty awesome for putting this group together – I never would have known before, the history of drinking to the professor! It’s a great social run! ” ~Stephanie


And so one special Wednesday in September, the Sin City Beer Runners had their one year anniversary at the very spot the first run happened. This time though, I photographed instead of ran. Still had my beer!


Want to join in? You can find the Sin City Beer Runners on Facebook.

Sin City Beer Runners One Year Anniversary Photos

See more photos from the shoot in this video!

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