The Most Fun You Can Have With Friction While Keeping Your Pants Zipped

1550 Horses all iin a Row | Las Vegas Car Photographer | Barb Davids Photography

LOL I wish I was that clever to come up with this post’s title.  I stole if from an article I was reading over at Car and Driver…

Burnouts: An Appreciation
The art and science of turning expensive rubber into smoke.

A friend of mine, Sean (follow him on IG @seanbrown42) got new tires for his Mustang and wanted to burnout on the old ones. I managed to wrangle this in to a photoshoot. And then he wrangled a couple of his fellow Silver State Mustang buddies to join along.

Using my wide angle, I was slightly nervous to be so close to the car when Sean was burning out. Then he moved and I was like shit! Don’t come this way! But I just kept clicking and keeping track with the car. LOL

He managed to get two burnouts. And I managed to get a few cool photos.

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