Violin in the Desert • Hope Nelson

Las Vegas Portrait Photography

I first met Hope at a running race I was photographing. She stopped to talk to me about photography as she’s a photographer too! At the time I met her, she was living in California. Since then, she’s moved to Lexington.

She recently came in to Las Vegas for the Adobe Max conference. She reached out about doing a photo shoot with her violin with the mountains, maybe at Red Rock. I suggested we do the Dry Lake Beds as Red Rock requires a permit and I didn’t think I could get one in time with her arriving in a couple days.

She liked the idea and I’m so happy she did because I love the way the photos turned out. And there were some amazing clouds to boot.


Here are a few of my fave photos from the photo shoot:

Prior to this photo session, my tagline or motto for my business has been “Capture Your Strength”. And before this photo shoot it was about fitness strength… noooow… it’s about any strength.

There’s more than just physical strength, there’s emotional and spiritual strength too. My photography isn’t just about capturing muscles, it’s about capturing whatever you love. Where your heart is strong. Where your heart is drawn too. And for Hope, it’s the violin.

The added bonus to this photo shoot? I had my very own personal violinist playing for me. It’s a beautiful instrument and Hope plays it with such passion, such heart, it was mesmerizing.


Here’s a video with all the photos from the session:

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