What Camera Should I Buy?

What Kind Of Camera Should I Buy

Folks ask me, “What camera should I buy?” My gut response is not a shitty one. LOL

In reality, there are many factors that go into choosing a camera for the first time. Or every time really.

  • What will I be taking photos of?
  • Will I be traveling with it frequently?
  • Will I want to take video?
  • Will I be shooting mostly during the day? Or night?
  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • What will I be doing with the photos?


Digital Photography Review has two wonderful resources I like to share with people.

This link is a great starting point. The guide breaks down camera choices by use case, type and budget.

This link is great for those of you who know what kind of features you want in your camera. You can choose the shutter speed, how you’ll get the photos off the camera, screen preference and so much more.

But how do you know if you’ve chosen the right one?

Rent one. It’s a little more time consuming because of the learning curve with different brands and models, but an option, nonetheless.

Another option, attend a photography conference. All the camera brands are there. You can try out their cameras and ask questions.

This comes to mind as the WPPI conference is happening soon here in Las Vegas. I’m so anxious to go check everything out! A simple Google search will help you find a photography conference in your area.

And yet another option, buy a lower budget camera that has manual mode. (Manual mode allows you to adjust for light, movement, etc.) Shit. Just use your phone until you know what you want to do with your photography. It’s not about the camera. It’s about the emotion. It’s about the light. It’s about the pose. It’s about the story. Plus, no matter what you start with, you will upgrade later as you learn more. Put your investment in lighting (off camera flash), photo editing (Photoshop or Lightroom), and education of those two things vs the camera.

I highly suggest the last option given my experience. Now go! Go take some amazing photographs and share your story!



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